Friday, 23 October 2015

First ever Q+A session with Mike Bushell.

Hello EFM audience, in our very first Q&A session we had 2015 BTCC driver for AMD tuning and 2014 Clio Cup UK champion Mike Bushell kindly answering some of our questions!

Harry Adams - How was your first full BTCC season?

Mike Bushell - Hard work, but what an experience!!

HA- How much of a change is the Focus from the Clio?

MB- It's night and day to be honest, the Clio was nimble and precise, BTCC is an odd beast to understand.

HA- What do you do when not at a BTCC weekend?

MB- Generally, I go to the pub, play pool, work at the garage, just a generally normal bloke to be fair!!

HA- What is the strangest encounter with a fan you've had this year?

MB- Someone wanted to paint me naked haha

HA- What's the earliest Motorsport memory you have?

MB- Unfortunately Ratzenberger’s death

HA- Can you learn anything from your teammates Audi, or is there anything Nic can learn from you and the Focus?

MB- The Audi is very good platform and would love to drive it

HA- What was your first car?

MB- I had a saxo, I crashed into my neighbour's flower bed

HA- Did you pass first time?

MB- Yes I did pass first time

HA- Do you have a clean license?

MB- I have 6 points at the moment haha
HA- You're obviously a popular driver amongst the fans, will you be on the BTCC grid for 2016?

MB- I really hope I am

Thanks to Mike Bushell for his time answering our questions, we hope he will be on the grid next season.

Harry Adams for Everfree Motorsport with Mike Bushell.

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