Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lucy Welch Q&A

Hi Guys, We’d like to welcome Lucy Welch to our Q+A session this time. Wife of BTCC driver Dan Welch, i thought it would be interesting to get a glimpse into what it's like from her point of view.

HA: I think this will be everyone’s first question, What is it like married to a race driver?
LW: I'm guessing the same as being married to anybody who is totally devoted to something other than your marriage!

HA: Do you get involved in the team? if so what do you do in the team?
LW: I used to be involved more before having Skylar from being on the pit wall on the radio to Dan to making bacon sarnies!

HA: Have you ever tried your hand at being a race driver?
LW:  Not really. I ditched a Ford Rally car after being invited along for media purposes! I did tell the instructor I was useless off road!
I also had a motor cross bike when I was younger but after my dad crashed it I was banned from getting on a bike again!!

HA: What's the earliest Motorsport memory you have?
LW: Earliest is going racing with my amazing Brother when he was just 3! Craig (Dolby) started Karting which is how I eventually met Dan.

HA: Who’s your best friend in the paddock? It's known that Dan is good friends with Rob Austin is it the same with you and Rob’s Lucy?
LW: Luce is great. I also have made an amazing set of friends who started off as fans of Dan. #WelchWarriors

HA: What is the strangest encounter with a fan you've had this year? other than me almost tripping over and flattening you at media day in the photo tent.
LW: oh this is hard! Maybe next year will be extra random with the welch randomness we have planned!!!!

HA: Are there any tracks you don’t like going to?
LW: I hate croft! The facilities are rubbish, it's a trek and we never run well there

HA: Dan labelled this season ‘A complete waste of time’ how did you keep him up spirits? every time i met him he was smiling.
LW: haha nothing else we could do! I think you need some negatives so you appreciate the positives (however small) a lot more! It's definitely character building and I honestly don't know how other people would have reacted being in Dan's situation this past year but he is the most kind hearted, devoted to the team and hardworking person you will ever meet!!!

HA: Away from the BTCC weekend, what do you and Dan do?
LW: We love taking Enzo (the dog) on adventures, Finding amazing places to eat (The Hand & Flowers being our current favourite) and making the most of doing nothing!

HA: Can you give us a little inside info as to what car Welch Motorsport will be running next season now that Optimus the Proton has been retired?
LW: Not really yet! I'm glad we are doing what we are doing though!

Thanks to Lucy Welch for giving up her time to answer these questions for us and giving us a different perspective on the BTCC, and we wish the best of luck to Welch Motorsport who deserve to be back towards the front.

(I know it is a 2014 photo as the header but i didnt have any decent ones of Lucy, or the Protons from this year)

Monday, 16 November 2015

ETCC Brands Hatch Indy Photos

Just some of the action that happened on friday night.

sorry, some liveries on the replay didnt load until part way through.

Races 2 and 3 replays didnt save properly on anyone's replays so unfortunatly we have no photos from a chaotic race 2 and 3.

Harry Adams for Everfree Motorsport

Monday, 26 October 2015

BTCC 2015 Season Review

The following article may contain opinions that some may find offensive, assuming that you are Jason Plato.

A week later than I would have liked but it's finally on here!

Well, what a final race! I didn’t even sit down for the final 10 laps as we watched Shedden get past the traffic, and one question comes to mind; How does the BTCC top this?

Sunday, 25 October 2015

ETCC Round 4 Nurburgring Photos

With 2 races in the wet and an action packed third in the dry, there are some cracking shots in our photos from Friday night.

Here y'all go.

- Harry Adams for Everfree Motorsport

Friday, 23 October 2015

First ever Q+A session with Mike Bushell.

Hello EFM audience, in our very first Q&A session we had 2015 BTCC driver for AMD tuning and 2014 Clio Cup UK champion Mike Bushell kindly answering some of our questions!

Friday, 9 October 2015

ETCC Round 2 - Sebring

After last week’s amazing Clio Cup and ETCC rounds at Silverstone, I’m very excited to see a more than 100% increase in the entries for our Touring Car series. This week we’re at Sebring, running the short course for Clios, and the full course for the Touring Cars at 10 laps per round, with a chance of rain each round decided by a random number generator.