Friday, 9 October 2015

ETCC Round 2 - Sebring

After last week’s amazing Clio Cup and ETCC rounds at Silverstone, I’m very excited to see a more than 100% increase in the entries for our Touring Car series. This week we’re at Sebring, running the short course for Clios, and the full course for the Touring Cars at 10 laps per round, with a chance of rain each round decided by a random number generator.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new drivers that haven’t raced with us before. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy racing with us, we’re a lighthearted yet competitive bunch, but we do expect you to behave in an acceptable manner and race cleanly. Please remember that you will need a headset to communicate when we are trying to grid up at the start of each race, and that your car does need to meet the livery and build restrictions as stated in the Rules and Regulations.

I will be your race director for tonight, so from 8PM, please send your check in messages to me (Shaunnnnnnnnn)

There is still time to sign up for both ETCC and the Clio Cup support race, links to which can be found on our gaming page.

As a final note, could you please check the entry list before signing up to make sure the car number you would like to use is not already in use. I forgot to mention this before, and we have had a few drivers sign up with duplicate numbers.

If the following drivers could message me with new driver numbers please, as your selected numbers are already in use;
Rich Holburn - #23
Rich Lessemun - #22

Thanks folks, and I hope you all have a good night on track!


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